EXCELLENCE is always out of reach of your comfort zone and always within reach of your self belief.

EXCELLENCE is a lifestyle. There is no part time EXCELLENCE.

Prioritize reality ahead of hope, but dream the impossible.

EXCELLENCE is achievable for everyone, it is not exclusive.

EXCELLENCE is the ignition of a dream, the intent of commitment, the achievement of self-improvement and the fulfillment of optimal performance. It addresses trust and respect.

The only type of EXCELLENCE is repeatable EXCELLENCE. EXCELLENCE in life provides opportunity for EXCELLENCE in your field of dreams, rarely the reverse.

Mediocrity and complacency have no place in the achievement of EXCELLENCE.

Self confidence and persistence in adversity defeat the negative challenges that will be encountered along the way.

No boundaries or limits are essentials in the process and outcome of EXCELLENCE. An extraordinary and exceptional attitude is the common factor in repeatable EXCELLENCE. 

Address EXCELLENCE in all that you do.

Start Now! You will be better tomorrow because of what you did or didn't do today. Know the difference.

Today really matters, as it represents the future.

Seizing the moment and being predatory in making the most of opportunity are qualities that lead to excellent performance from excellent people. 

EXCELLENCE is recognized and achieved by the narrowest of margins by perfection in planning and preparation. This makes EXCELLENCE an uncompromising mindset. 

EXCELLENCE is also part of helping others.

EXTRA - Personal time at task - give more than what is required.



Now is the time to work on your strength! This four day workout plan includes video tutorials for each exercise to ensure you are doing it correctly.



Take Ownership 
Communicate; take feedback and act on it; ask questions; be free of excuses


Work hard in practice, games and on your own time; do the small things right; finish the drill, finish the inning


Breakout Out of Your Shell and Lead 
Positively influence others; show your teammates how it should be done; pick up a teammate, tell them what they are doing well and what they need to do better

Be a Balanced Student-Athlete

Make education THE priority and get involved in school programs - grades are the keys to open doors