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Subscribe to the Baseball Calendar


Subscribing to the Del Oro Baseball calendar will add all activities to your personal calendar. As calendar items change, your calendar will get automatically updated. Here are the processes for adding the baseball calendar to your device or calendar account.


Google User

  1. Click the “+” icon at the bottom right of the above baseball calendar. This will create an additional calendar under “My Calendars” in your Google account. 

  2. Click the checkbox in your Google calendar account to show the baseball calendar.


iPhone User

  1. Go to your iPhone Settings, click Passwords & Accounts. Click Add Account, then Other, then Subscribed Calendar.

  2. Copy and paste the following iCal Subscription URL to the “Server” field:

  3. You have now created a new calendar account on your iPhone.


Outlook User

  1. In your Outlook app settings, select “Add Calendar”. 

  2. Go to “Subscribe from the Web” and paste the following URL:

If this is too much of a hassle, then you can always check your email on Sunday nights and visit this site often:)

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