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Next Level is a core philosophy of the Del Oro High School baseball program. The objective is to help student athletes think about how to progress to ‘their’ next level. It is more than a philosophy, it is a mental decision made by and committed to by each individual player and their supporting network of family, friends, coaches and school officials. It is not a mandate. Players that choose to participate in Next Level will be rewarded.

It includes the mindset and approach to a number of elements:

  • Baseball skill development

  • Moving on to the next level of baseball whether it is the next level in high school baseball, progression of the high school program goals, player aspirations to move to the next level of baseball (i.e. professional, community college or four year institution)

  • Moving to the next level in academics, career aspirations, strength training, mental development



  • Individual player / coach meetings to set player and personal development goals - leading to post high school goals

  • Parent, player, coach meetings - Joint meeting to discuss players goals and arrive on an agreed set of goals. Includes a realistic and current evaluation of skills and character. Realignment of realistic goals.

  • Development of plan to achieve goals specific to each player.

  • Every few months player, parent and coach meet to review progress.

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Next Level Sheet


  1. Responsible  Take ownership

  2. Purposeful  Do the small things right

  3. Engaged  Be present, committed, communicative

  4. Driven  Constantly evolve character, craft, goals

  5. Selfless  Positively impact others, every day

  6. Community  Put your “ding” in the universe

  7. Confident, but humble  Knowing you can do it creates confidence, being humble creates success

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