The Golden Eagle PONY 18U/16U summer developmental program is designed to help prospective Del Oro baseball players gain experience and exposure. In June and July, two developmental teams will participate in 20 games each (access schedule here). While most games will be local, there are a few tournaments that require travel, and in some cases, lodging. 

Below is a list of players assigned to each Golden Eagle PONY team team. Throughout the Summer Program, some 16U players may be asked to play with the 18U team.


Clark, E.
Cuffe, O.
Beausoleil, E.
Capel, T.
Clegg, R.
Fleming, J.
Greenly, J.
Hubbard, S.
Regan, T.
Roth, G.
Swanson, K.
Alger, C.
Bews, B.
Cartwright, Z.
Casias, P.
DeGan, D.
Farman, W.
Garcia, T.
Grannes, S.
Moloo, A.
Munsch, C.
Rosenthal, A.
Shannon, D.
Shepard, L.
Veninga, C.
Vara, M.
Von Tress, C.


Sutter, L.
Acosta, C.
Dwyer, J.
Hardin, A.
Hoblit, M.
Stoneking, M.
Galloway, J.
Johansen, J.
Saiz, N.
Maloney, J.
Lynes, T.
Wood, S.
Verdugo, N.
Connolly, M.
Myers, J.
Purviance, A.
Henry, R.
Shepard, H.
Cartwright, N.
Beausoleil, Ca.
Beausoleil, Co.
Kirby, D.
Shelton, K.
Simmons, A.
Sessions, S.
Ekkelboom, J.
Palmer, H.
Soren, Z.
Houghtby, R.
Murphy, K.
Molini, J.