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This page includes raw footage from games, practices and recruiting video work. Use it to evaluate your play. Review notes. Download to create clips for recruiting purposes or to keep for yourself.


  • Drive glove to hand on exchange and travel to throwing shoulder

  • Work on grip - use three fingers - thumb, index and middle fingers. More fingers = more friction = less velo

  • Good footwork and forward momentum, stayed short with feet

  • Get head and chest toward 2B - think straight line to 2B with the upper body

  • Try not to recoil after release - unnecessary stress on the arm

Shaffer Throwdowns-210218

Shaffer Throwdowns-210218

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Shaffer head.png

Head + chest to 2B. Once we get the head directed 2B, the chest will follow

Shaffer head to target.png

Head up to 2B

Shaffer grip2.png

Work on just thumb, index and middle finger on ball; hand on top of ball on exchange with elbow at same height as ball

Shaffer grip.png

3 fingers on ball, elbow up earlier

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