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This page includes raw footage from games, practices and recruiting video work. Use it to evaluate your play. Review notes. Download to create clips for recruiting purposes or to keep for yourself.


  • Drive glove to right shoulder in exchange (last throw on the behind camera angle is where you want to be); make the exchange with the throwing hand on top of the ball and elbow near the same level as the ball

  • Think short footwork - long stride causes throwing arm to lag behind body. When that happens we fight ourselves and ball tails toward 1B.

  • Stay on top of ball on release and finish chest over left knee

  • Let ball get to you when receiving and start footwork while catching ball closer to body.

  • Try not to recoil after finish - unnecessary stress on the arm

Wood Throwdowns-210218

Wood Throwdowns-210218

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Wood form.png

Textbook - really good balance, right laces pointing down, glove tucked in, head to target

Sam finish.png

Make sure to finish down

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