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Simon Sinek is a world renown author, speaker and mindset leader that teaches a framework for discovering purpose. The framework is broken into three main elements:

  • Why - Your purpose, cause, belief

  • How - How you do it 

  • What - What you do

'Why' is critical in everything you do. It defines your purpose which ignites passion, clarity and focus. For more info about Simon Sinek’s framework for discovering purpose, watch his TED talk.


Identifying your purpose for playing baseball at Del Oro will give you clarity and focus. All players are required to spend time in self-reflection to identify their 'why', 'how' and 'what'. Click on the below button to submit your 'why'. If you need inspiration, review Coach French's "why" below. 


Below lists Coach French’s purpose for coaching at Del Oro. This represents my 'why', 'how' and 'what' based on ongoing self-reflection. During self-reflection, I determined that my 'why' is a culmination of many why’s. Further below lists specific 'why’s' for the following three segments:

  • For the players

  • For the community and school

  • For me

To support and guide young adults in the community and school that helped shape me into who I am today. 

I do this by developing authentic relationships based on trust, open communication, honesty and accountability. My focus is squarely on the baseball players, coaches, school administration followed by influencers and partners including parents, teachers, other sport programs, youth programs, area high schools, collegiate and professional programs.


I teach life skills.

Why I do it for the players

  • Share what I have learned in my 40+ years on the planet - things I wish I would have done more and things I wish I would have done less

  • Pass on learnings about leadership, teamwork, communication, commitment and baseball from my mentors including top coaches, corporate leaders, friends and individuals

  • Create authentic, lasting relationships with players supported by mutual trust and honest communication (beneficiaries: players and me)

  • Help young adults be authentic to who they are - break through the “cool guy” mentality

  • Teach skills to develop accountability and communication skills

  • Prepare student-athletes to be self-motivated and make confident, independent decisions

  • Spark their ability to dream and see what they are capable of achieving

  • Help student-athletes set goals, assess progress, reflect on success, create plans to do things better

  • Help young adults solidify a sense of belonging and purpose

Why I do it for the community and school

  • Give back to the community and school that helped shape who I am today

  • Create a tighter link between Del Oro and surrounding area youth baseball programs to teach baseball, create accountability and spark passion

  • Develop a culture of winning off the field first, on the field second - do #1 and #2 will come

  • Stay engaged with past players and continue to be a sounding board throughout life; learn from our alumni (beneficiaries: me and alumni)


Why I do it for me

  • Create a sense of purpose, commitment to the bettering of others, make my “ding” in the universe

  • Simplify and hone in my communication and leadership skills

  • Fine-tune decision-making skills that impact the well-being of young adults

  • Not just talk about living a structured, well-rounded life, but do it every day (live what I preach)

  • Continue the desire to learn and never be complacent - learn from players, other Del Oro coaches, area and global influencers

  • Continue to learn about our youth and high school sports to identify programs, facilities and technologies that can strengthen an individual’s mind, body and spirit (beneficiaries: me, players, school, community)

  • Enjoy the camaraderie of the coaching staff, develop life-long friendships and help create an environment that relieves the stress of the real world

  • Continue to better myself as a life coach by constantly asking “what would it be like to be coached by me?”

  • Identify new, engaging ways to teach life skills and develop baseball skills 

  • Learn to create more balance between my desires and my family’s needs


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